ABout Antonio

   - FMS (Functional Movement Specialist), 2007
   - RKC, 2008
   - Crossfit Level I, 2009
   - RKC II, 2009
   - CK-FMS (Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist), 2010
   - Steve Maxwell (Kettlebell Level I), 2011
   - Steve Maxwell (Kettlebell Level II), 2012
   - Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor, 2012

Antonio served in the U.S. Navy between 1998-2003. He traveled around the world and completed several tours overseas on the destroyer the U.S.S. Thorn. It was during this time he began to take a serious interest in performance and overall fitness due to the rigorous physical activity required. After leaving the military he pursed an education in classical music although he remained passionate about physical fitness. Antonio began his journey coaching others in 2005. He sought out different training modalities to enrich his knowledge. He has attended several RKC seminars as a trainee and instructor under Pavel Tsatsouline and Steve Maxwell. In 2010, Antonio attended Gym Jones Fundamentals seminar under Mark Twight and Rob MacDonald. He became a 'Fully Certified Instructor' in 2014.

Antonio spent five years training at an elite gym in the Upper West Side, where he grew frustrated with the politics and restrictions of the global gym structure.  He wanted to train what he believed.  Antonio founded Precision Athlete in February of 2011, where he still offers select private training and online programing. He joined The Gym in 2017, upon its opening. 

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